Noooooooooo TeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeee Party Tooooooooonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are embarking on a wonderful trip to Colorado in four days. I’m excited. After a sixteen hour cruise mostly across Nebraska we will arrive at second cousin Cathy’s in Denver. We are going to allow our lungs to spend a day catching up, grocery shopping and hopefully finding some interesting pictures to take.

For Cathy’s generous accommodation, I will be making a meal and maybe, just maybe Padawan will flex her new culinary muscle and make a pie.  I have also agreed to show Cathy what I know about taking pictures with her new DSLR which is not much, but I’ll try.

Monday morning we take off for Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.   All bet’s are off though if the wing-nuts shut the government down and the park is closed. There will be some serious GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on my part if that happens.

I’m excited for taking all kinds of pictures……….moon, star trails, wildlife and  of course mountains.

Leftyconcarne are participating in a bexperiment.      No TV, No News for a full week.

The Rules:


No Radio

No Movies

No web with news.

Having said that, should we encounter a television, or radio show we are not going to run screaming and dive into a foxhole, but we will make every reasonable effort to avoid tv and news. And of course, each day we will blog about our progress. Personally I think I need to keep my eye on Patty for cheating.

So what instead………….EVERYTHING instead.

I have gone  to pawn shops, friends houses and  different libraries in an attempt to stuff the fipod (fat Ipod).    So far we could go eight days without hearing the same song.    But I still have four days to beef it up.    We have the dead……….classic rock……….world beat……….bluegrass………..folk and the entire 80’s covered.

Goes without saying Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country………..Ill probably do a lot of sitting and appreciating.

I’m cooking…………

I’m even going to bring a book without so many pictures……………….turns out I can read after all.  Perhaps Hope on a Rope by Cornel West.     I seem to enjoy his perspective. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything for pleasure without Hobbits.

So if your a devoted LCC, things could get interesting  on the old blog,  we look forward to sharing our experiences with you!!!!!!!!




2 Responses

  1. I’m not gonna cheat — I hope… I’ll have to reconfigure my browser so as not to be tempting…

  2. […] few days ago, Andy proposed a media vacation. I’ve already told my students I’m going to be off e-mail and our on-line class until […]

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