A media vacation… can I do it?


As is quite clear, Andy and I are going to Colorado (Friday!!! YEA!!!!!) —

Don’t worry, we’ll still blog — (because you’d miss us, I know it!! 🙂 ).

A few days ago, Andy proposed a media vacation. I’ve already told my students I’m going to be off e-mail and our on-line class until the end of break.

The point is to avoid news…. to see how it impacts our lives.  This includes Facebook, which can be pretty newsy.. It also means, for me, avoiding blogs and news feeds.

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me.  I’m used to having a pretty steady stream of information coming in.  I check facebook more often than I should.  I read several news sources on blogs and blogs that write about news… and I check my school e-mail more often than I should.  I also watch way too much TV.

I’ve also noticed that I read a lot less for pleasure than I did when I was writing my dissertation… I think that’s because I needed to give my brain a break from writing so I’d read anything I could get my hands on.

So — what am I going to do with my spare time?  I’m bringing my nook — which is awesome because I can always get another book.

I’m NOT bringing any class prep stuff, but I may write some philosophy stuff either on my class blog or for myself.

We’ve got the fipod (fat ipod) loaded with about 7 days worth of music — so, I’m guessing we’ll have enough to entertain ourselves — inside.  Of course, there are pictures to be taken, good food to be made and consumed and maybe even some extra sleep to get caught up on… although, I doubt that last one will actually happen.

We have agreed to blog — so you’ll get to be caught up on what we’re thinking without the media giving input.  If anything, it will probably be entertaining.


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  1. Enjoy unplugging! I always do.

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