Season premier of no reseravation.

He travels, he writes and he eats.

Tony is my hero.       Not only because I find I have so many things in common with him, but his show is Truth Preserving, like logic class.     He also has my dream job if we could work in taking pictures and playing guitar.

Last night No Reservation was from Haiti. The sort of resident expert was Sean Penn whom I also admire.

In the beginning of the show, Tony finds himself eating three plates of food in the street, surrounded by folks who haven’t had one plate of anything in three days.

Like most Americans would, Tony arranges to try and help by buying out the food lady and feeding the kids. He didn’t understand it would cause a minor riot. As Americans, we don’t understand.

In the middle of the show Anthony and Sean spotlight Haitian art. I forget the number but something like 90% of the folks down there have some sort of inspired trade………painting on old bits of tire or anything really. As long as its artistic / creative.     I admire that as well.

The big question I was asking myself during the show is what can I do? I have already sent money……..there is more to be sent I suppose, but I find myself wanting to do more.  Aid is held up in Haiti right now because there is an election and there is some worry that Baby Doc will come back. Nobody wants to sponsor that.

So since Tony is Truth Preserving, he did not give an answer at the end of the show.    That’s because there is no answer………… least not a neat clean answer like we Americans want.


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