To my Cats…. on National Cat Day

Spock — be a good boy while I’m gone… or — rather don’t torment Hubby too much!  Licking his hair tells him y ou love him, but leave some hair for later… and, if you could be cute and not completely manic, mamma will bring you a treat.

Tera — I know Spock makes you crazy, but he’s like your little brother and I know you actually like him.  Be good to Hubby while I’m gone.  Snuggle with him, make him see that some cats can be calm, sweet and wonderful creatures.  If you’re good while I’m gone, I’ll do what you want me to do to Spock… (just kidding!).

Mamma’s off on an adventure you wouldn’t enjoy or appreciate.  She’ll come home tired, which you do appreciate because then you can sit on me and tell me all the reasons I’m an inadequate being…

Happy Cat Day to my Fur-Children!

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