Frozen Dead Guy Days…

After roaming around the Colorado mountains, we happened across Nederland, CO’s Frozen Dead Guy Days.

It seems that Grandpa Brendo was a believe in cryogenics — but the facility he chose in California went out of business and his grandchildren got the responsibility for keeping him frozen.

The grandchildren had some legal and financial challenges and keeping Grandpa Brendo frozen became a community project.  These days Frozen Dead Guy  Days fills Nederland, CO with people who are there to do a polar plunge, frozen turkey bowling, casket races and parade their hurses around town.  Of course, there are tours of the makeshift cryogenics facility and lots and lots of drinking.

I thought it was pretty funny to be there with Andy, who drove a Cadillac hearse in high school.

Andy and I decided that it was unwise to partake in $3 shots and then drive down the windy mountain road — but, it looked like a heck of a party.


2 Responses

  1. […] Overall, this week we’ve seen some really amazing things, just now we had an elk (all elk are “Grandpa Ledo”, see the posts on fozen Dead Guy Days). […]

  2. […] Today we made the windy trek across Nebraska, waving goodbye to the Rockies in the rear view mirror.  We’re already talking about places to go next time — and we won’t skip the party for Grandpa Ledo. […]

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