Hello Colorado!!


Our trip by the numbers:

1 tan 2004 Corolla — starting mileage about 76,000

2 BFFs who have traveled together, but not for this long.

3 ipods, 2 computers, 2 cell phones, 2 cameras —

4 tanks of gas (not quite).

4 states, 3 of which I’ve lived in

2 attempts to take photos of…

1,000,000,000,000 cranes descending on central Nebraska

1 cologne dispenser

14,000 foot mountains

900 miles (or so..) since yesterday morning.

As y’all know, Andy and I are on vacation in Colorado — in order to get here, we drove across Iowa and Nebraska…. all the way across Nebraska.  I drove, Andy was my bitch co-pilot, entertainer, EFG and generally good companion.  We’re also on a media vacation, so if you’re seeing this from my Facebook, go read Andy’s versions 🙂 — and I’ll catch up with you when I get back!

The drive from Minnesota to Omaha was very familiar —I did it at least monthly for three years while Hubby was teaching at Fancy Pants U… This time we left quite early and saw the sun rise over Iowa… y’all should try it (or — take my word for it, the sun also rises in Iowa).  After waving to Slater, we made it to Omaha about noon…

I noted, with sadness, the demise of the Porn Barn between Omaha and Lincoln — waved at the Penis of the Prairie the Nebraska state capitol in Lincoln, and dreamed of Indian food at the Oven

After that, things got interesting — the wind came up, gusting and trying to toss my little Corolla into random trucks and huge SUVs… Along the way we saw lots of wind farms and huge pieces of machinery…. We also had an EFG provided picnic lunch of an amazing sandwich…. in freezing cold western IA.

And then we saw the cranes — hordes of them — everywhere…. flocks and flocks of them.  We decided we needed a photo or four, so we tried to take them in Kearney, NE… which was quite unfriendly.  As Andy reported, we eventually found them right along the highway — no need to fool around with the folks who live by the Kearney Arch. No, we didn’t go to what D2 described as “the worst combination of two things I like, bridges and museums) — which is built OVER I-80… as if there isn’t plenty of room to put it elsewhere… sigh.

Perhaps my favorite weird road thing (aside from the stuff folks on Council Bluffs and Kearney consider public “art”) was somethiing I didn’t even see myself…. a Cologne Dispenser at a truck stop in North Platte, NE.

Yes folks, if you’re a stinky trucker headed for a hot date with a lot lizzard, you can stop at Love’s and buy cheap cologne — .25  for a squirt — at the truck stop in North Platte —

After North Platte, as those of  you who have made the trek know — it starts to get interesting… and oddly hilly.  The wind also died down and I could actually put the petal to the metal and hit (gasp) the speed limit…

Many miles later we rolled into Denver, found Kathy’s place and I found that my butt wasn’t actually permanently formed into the driver’s seat of my sweet little car. We had a nice chat and a good night’s sleep — today, we’re in the People’s Republic of Boulder, Andy finally believes me that there are mountains out here — and we’re off on another Patty/Andy adventure.




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