Kearney Nebraska

I get a little sad and depressed when I leave home. Since my spring break is so early, neither of my kids could come along.  I start to miss them. It’s temporary, I know they are in good hands.

I was feeling down as we drove toward Kearney Nebraska.  I noticed the geese in this part of the world were already returning. Patty thought maybe they were actually Sand hill Cranes, and it turns out she was right. As we drove on we noticed there were thousands of them.  I started to wonder if a good picture was available. We pulled off in Kearney and started to drive the back roads to get closer to the birds.

Apparently,  The annual Crane migration is the only thing that ever happens in this town, so there are two kind of places.    Places where you can pay to get near the birds and barbed wire.

Since we were still less then half way to Denver I felt irritated and like we were wasting our time.      Still, a gas station and potty break would be good.

I used the rest room at the ameripride gas station.     Of course it was filthy and there was a young man, dying in a very loud way in the stall.    ICK !!!!!!       I thought I might pick up something to read for the rest of the trip…………….Nada, no books, no magazines,  just gas, liquor and poo related emergencies.    I couldn’t wait to get on down the road.

As we loaded up. Patty noticed a large bunch of birds on top of the bank building next door and wondered if those would do?  Sadly I find the domestic pigeon slightly less majestic then the Sand Hill Crane.

On the way out Patty told me a Nebraska tradition is to eat at the Runza……………………….Really?      A Runza is a poorly executed meaty pretzel dipped in Catchup.  They had me at the name……………….no thanks.

We hit the road and I decided to take a quick rest.  Patty poked me a little ways down the road and said more birds………..I took a look and this time we hit the jackpot. Oddly enough we pulled into the free museum of military equipment in Lexington Nebraska. They manager was super nice and didn’t want any money. He let me set up my gear inside his nice warm building and we ambushed the birds. I got a few good snaps!

Our last stop before Denver was Love’s truck stop in North Platte NE.   Truck stops are sad places to me. Lots of toys for boys, girls and wives……………none of which will ever make up for a missing Father.

This morning my mood is much improved and we are sitting in the Unseen Bean coffee house in Boulder. Were going to plan our itinerary and get on with our day!!!!!!

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  1. […] a photo or four, so we tried to take them in Kearney, NE… which was quite unfriendly.  As Andy reported, we eventually found them right along the highway — no need to fool around with the folks who […]

  2. Thank you for the photo of the pair of Sandhill Cranes. Tomorrow is a memorial service in Denver (at Warren United Methodist Church) for a 99-year-old birder named Viola Bossman. I plan to use your photo on the front cover of her service folder (with the copyright intact) with a credit to your web site. I could not find an email address on your site to send you her bio. I think you might have liked her if you had ever met her. Thank you again,
    ben roe, ben (at)

    • Hiya there,

      You are welcome to use my image at your friends service.

      My name is Andy my email is

      I’d like to know how it goes and I’m sorry for your loss


      Sent from

    • LOL UGGGGGGGGGGG I dont think I actually took that picture, I do have lots of pictures of the Cranes but I see that’s not my copyright That was a while back…………I apologize, I did not remember how I posted that. In that case it was more about the story.

      Anyway good luck

      On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 10:41 PM, Andy Smith wrote:

      > Hiya there, > > You are welcome to use my image at your friends service. > > My name is Andy my email is > > I’d like to know how it goes and I’m sorry for your loss > > Andy > > Sent from > >

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