Food is love…

… and a way to get to know people.  The girls in this photo aren’t my cousins… but they might as well be.

As Andy told you, we had a quiet day today cooking for Kathy and the girls.  Tomorrow we head into the mountains for a little Patty n Andy style R. & R. — plenty of photos, reading, music and chatting.  Today I got to know some of my cousins a bit better as adults.  Andy and I (mostly Andy) cooked Sunday dinner for Kathy and the Girls.

The Girls are the daughters of my mom’s cousin — the three of them are a tight-knit team and between them I think all the problems of the world could be solved and laughed about.

Lynne was the first of them to become a mom — “Spike” is her daughter, and she’s a little firecracker, nearly a duplicate of her mamma.  Mandy had “bubbles” in July.  Bubbles and Spike are as comfortable with their aunties as they are with their own moms.

Dinner was a cooperative affair, with aunties giving thoughts on who would like to eat what and how.  We also had some adult conversation at the table, but nothing serious or non-fun. It was wonderful that Andy and I fit right into this tight-knit group… really, it’s an honor to be accepted by them.

It was great to see the Girls as adults.  I haven’t seen the three of them together for a very long time.  I’ve seen my first cousins relatively recently and know their kids, but these cousins have been living out in Colorado for a long time and sadly, we’ve been more like facebook friends than family — something I’d really like to change.

All three of The Girls are on their own good paths in life, one will graduate from college soon and the other in about a year, the third graduated a while back.  I’m sure that sometimes they don’t get along and other times it seems like their sisters are always up in their ‘bidness — but,  as long as they have one another, none of the three or their kids will be hungry, sad or lonely…just the way it should be.

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