Did ya miss me?

As y’all know, we’re on a media vacation — for me, that includes Facebook.

The general idea is to unplug from the stuff that clutters your mind.  To escape the constant barrage of information and infotainment that seems to be the background of our regular lives, but really gets into the deeper parts of our thoughts.

I started cutting down on infotainment quite a while back, by putting some good CDs and my ipod in the car.  Now in the car I sometimes listen to the infotainment station or to NPR — but most often it’s one of the CDs Andy made me or my ipod.  Music is good for me while driving (we played 227 songs on the fat-ipod on our drive out here), because it lets me relax, not think so much and generally chill out in traffic.

This vacation is the next step.  I can honestly be called a Facebook addict — I have about 400 “friends”, nearly all of them I know in person or via other electronic media… i.e. they read my blog and I read theirs so frequently that if we met in person our conversations wouldn’t have that awkward “so — what do you do?” stuff, we’d talk about work, friends, family and our lives in general just like face to face friends who haven’t seen one another for a while (hey girls — you know who you are!).

It’s that interaction that I miss about not obsessively checking my facebook.  I want to know, in a general way, what’s going on in their lives.  I’m interested in the former Intro to Philosophy student who has a new and wonderful sounding love and who seems to be bridging the gap between our home state and where he’s in seminary in a real way.  I’m interested in my former debater who is now an attorney and on an amazing trip to Australia.  I’m interested in the former logic tutor who is now married and expecting a baby.  I’m interested the links my favorite high school English teacher posts, mostly because it’s fun to interact with her as an adult.  I’m interested in the status updates of my far-flung family.

For the most part, I don’t have facebook “friends” who write obnoxious status updates bragging about how great their lives are.  I have a few who update more regularly when things are good — mostly about upcoming vacations (guilty!!).  I do have a fair number of friends who post or link to “news” to their facebook, thus in order to avoid that, I’m off of facebook until we get home.
Overall, I like not being so connected.  My close friends are still sending me some texts — and I’m with my BFF and getting to know a long neglected branch of my family.  I’m not at all without social interaction, but it’s more intimate and I like that.  I think that not having facebook input has made me focus more on the folks right around me, and that’s a good thing.
We’re also blogging — so it isn’t like we’re off of electronic communication all together.  Blogging in this context is interesting because I’m not reading other blogs — they can be very newsy too — so it’s more of what I’m thinking and doing this week than anything else.  We’re also using the internet for research purposes — finding out the weather (me) in our mountain hideaway (we leave Kathy’s today..) and looking up camera stuff (Andy).
It’s an open question about how I’ll deal with the re-entry phase of my vacation.  The week after break is going to be BUSY — so I may need more quick facebook hits than usual, or maybe I’ll take that time to chat with whomever is in my office hallway at the moment.
For now, I’m not thinking about it too much — and, while I miss my closer facebook friends, I also know that they can — if they’d like — read and find out what’s going on — and I’ll get caught up with them when I return.

2 Responses

  1. I’m still not on facebook. People tell me it will hurt me professionally, but I am more scared of the time suck.

  2. I have been reading the blog- love the pics of the CO mountains. Man, that makes me homesick! Enjoy your time off!

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