Estes Park

I used to live in Ely, Mn. When people would ask where I was from I ‘d say “God’s Country” Turns out I wasn’t.

I’m used to driving around a corner in Mn. and seeing a friendly white tailed deer, this is whats around the corner in Estes Park.

Cabin 12 is just awesome. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

I took a walk earlier behind our cabin, I’d guess is was about 300 feet, mostly up………Gorgeous!!!!!!   It’s snowing here for the moment and getting dark so my thoughts have turned to supper time.  The menu for the next three days is as follows:

New Orleans inspired black beans with rice and andouie.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Cheater Chili right out of the can LOL   “STAG”

Of course we have a wide assortment of snackies and I’m also going to make egg salad for lunches.

Regarding our News and Advertisement experiment, it’s hard not to stumble into someone watching the news or listening on the radio, but I certainly don’t miss it one bit. I’m spending most of my time out in the fresh air and I feel calmer. The Fipod jumps from the  Pouges to Patsy Cline to Metallica and I’m just peachy with that. I have a new photography book and after supper were having a fire.


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