I wonder what I’m missing?

So, besides being off of Facebook, I’m really off of news…
I’ve seen a couple of bits of the news since we left early on Friday morning.  All I know is that there was a semi-tractor accident on I-70 west of Denver that killed some folks and (more importantly, at least to the news dudes) — held up ski traffic… gasp…. the horror of people dying and making it inconvenient to get to Vail… grrr…
I suppose Charlie Sheen will still be a f*ck nut when I get back.
I suppose that the Middle East will be in turmoil.
I suppose that we’ll still be somehow involved in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I suppose that Fred Phelps will still be spewing hate and overall ickyness on gay folks.
I’d like to think that another state or two will permit same-sex marriage…
I’d like to think that the union folks in Wisconsin will keep their rights to collective bargain.
I’m hoping my friends at Century are having fantastic Spring Breaks — I know I am.

One Response

  1. I suppose you’re right about ALL of it–hopefully the Union one most of all!

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