Colorado Adventure…


or… the advantages of being the photographer’s assistant.

Actually, Andy doesn’t make me carry stuff and I don’t usually need a gas mask when he’s around…

We’ve been spending the last few days in Rocky Mountain National Park — Andy has some amazing photos I’m sure you’ll see sooner or later — and I’ve been the assistant.

One of the huge advantages to being the assistant is that I don’t have to suffer for the photo.  This afternoon at Bear Lake the wind was blowing like I’ve never seen and Andy dove out into it to get some amazing shots.  The other advantage is that I get to look at his work and “help” him edit — watching the creative and analytical process is fascinating to a philosopher.

Mostly what being the photographer’s assistant means is that I drive, keep the car warm and read my nook if I get bored looking at all the amazing scenery… which hasn’t happened so far.  I now have plenty of experience at finding pretty places to pull over, I can run the heater for all needs and I’ve had lots of time to simply contemplate life.  A philosopher and a photographer on vacation sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s a pretty perfect team.

This morning we decided to get up early and see the sunrise from Bear Lake — early as in 4AM — so, we grab our coffee and hit the road in a bit of a snow shower.  As we gained altitude, things got a bit trickier and when we got to Bear Lake, we decided it could get worse and they’d be celebrating “Frozen Pandy Days” in our honor by listening to the fipod and drinking 6 shots of espresso over ice with cream and 3 splenda… so we turned right around and came back — and went back to sleep.  I was quite proud of me and my little Corolla and glad that we understand one another well enough to make it both up and down that road,

Overall, this week we’ve seen some really amazing things, just now we had an elk (all elk are “Grandpa Ledo”, see the posts on fozen Dead Guy Days).

I’ve been enjoying being cut off from nearly all civilization — I even need to blog on Andy’s computer because my mac doesn’t pick up the weak wireless signal up here and even our cell service is spotty at best.  As we say about a lot of things (this cabin, my Corolla) this vacation has been everything I needed and nothing that I don’t…. except that we have to come home.

Tomorrow we check out and head back to Denver.  Friday, we hit the road east — but, I know we’ll be back, if only to drink a coffee to Grandpa Ledo.



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