Back in Denver

We both had some issue getting to sleep early last night so we slept in.  Check out time was at 11 so we got organized and cleaned a bit.

Standing out on the deck with a cup of coffee, we noticed what a gorgeous day it was. We had a decision to make…………go on and explore more or go back up to Bear Lake and take a chance on the good weather?

We choose to go back to RMNP and I’m so glad we did. Where as the wind had been 50mph blowing snow all day yesterday, it was nearly 65 today and not a cloud in the sky.

I found a hiking trail and was off in the woods for 2 hours and managed to snap away another 8mb of raw data (we will reserve calling them pictures for now).

We both thought how lucky we were to get another gorgeous half day in Estes.   Just about the time our eyeballs had soaked up as much beautiful scenery as possible, we headed down the Big Thompson Canyon. We could have spent another week taking snaps along there, but we’ve got some serious miles ahead of us tomorrow and we wanted to get nuggled in at Denver before nightfall.

Someone accidentally told us about the Wisconsin thing, but at this point in our news experiment, I could care less if I ever see a t.v. again.


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