2,252.2 miles…

… it ain’t as spectacular as Colorado, but it’s home.

Today we made the windy trek across Nebraska, waving goodbye to the Rockies in the rear view mirror.  We’re already talking about places to go next time — and we won’t skip the party for Grandpa Ledo.

We’ve learned a few things on our trip…

  • Our Starbucks order is unique and memorable.
  • The “water head” at Panera in Des Moines can’t make our order without adding salt.
  • The weather on top of the mountain is usually worse than the weather in the valley.
  • When in doubt, follow  your own tracks home.
  • Nebraska is BIG, and WINDY…. in both directions.
  • Colorado is big and beautiful.
  • Compared to Nebraska, Iowa is scenic — and you only learn that going west to east.
  • A 1,500 LB elk CAN sneak up on us.
  • The Sandhill Cranes hang out at least a week.
  • At 2,245 miles, Andy can still make me laugh — about a giraffe..

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  1. […] images of Colorado floating along with me today.  As I look out at Andy’s backyard, I see my happy place in my mind.. When I drive, I recall the road to Bear Lake, so I take curves slowly — as I sit […]

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