Vacation Hangover…

… I’m still feeling like part of me is in Colorado… the mind part.

I haven’t unpacked the car or looked in the trunk since pulling in last night (and ditching the fresh stuff)…

I’m still driving around with Andy’s textbook in the backseat and on the last gas we bought in Iowa.

I have +1,000 unread blog posts in my Google Reader (my friends, I’m catching up slowly — those of  you whom I don’t know will get re-set).

It’s good to be home with Hubby, the cats and my framily — but I feel like I have images of Colorado floating along with me today.  As I look out at Andy’s backyard, I see my happy place in my mind.. When I drive, I recall the road to Bear Lake, so I take curves slowly — as I sit here with the Cat, I recall the Elk that managed to sneak up on us.

Tomorrow we’ve promised to take Max to The Mall…

Kinda different from shopping in Estes Park, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains…  and I’m sure you know which I prefer :)… Oh well, only 51 weeks until our Frozen Dead Guy Days pilgrimage.

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