Happy Birthday Tes!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was in college I made a great friend……we will call her Tes. I screwed that whole thing up and wish I hadn’t. I was a freshman at the U of pricks and douche bags and she was still in her last year in high school.

Having had a big night of drinking, I thought I would be clever and send her the bottle caps from the fourteen Moosehead beers I had consumed the night before and describe my feeling of having been trampled by all fourteen the morning after.

So twenty some odd years later I find myself face to face with this fellow. Not a Moose……. but rather an Elk……..About 1500lbs of him.

I did consider the concept that he may not like me sticking my camera lens up in his grill. I had the wrong lens on, my 200-500mm.  My problem was I was too close, I couldn’t get his substantial rack in the shot.

I concerned myself with my technical difficulty rather then pondering what shape greasy spot I would make if “Grampa Ledo” made a charge at me.

Anyway I’m grateful I got the shot and I’m grateful for my time with Tes.



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