No ideas…

It isn’t often that I’m out of ideas…

Today I’m working on conference stuff — so I’m distracted by logistics, schedules conference proposals and other mundane things.

I taught a good logic class this morning (or, at least I think it’s good), but that didn’t take any new thoughts.

It’s rainy today — which is better than snow, but really makes me want to take a long nap — then get up and eat some pasta while watching Community with a cat.

I know I shouldn’t grade when I’m like this because I’d be too easy… plus, I caught someone cheating and I don’t want to think about it right now.

I’m looking forward to a few things….

  • Spring, when we can go to the north woods (mid-April or so)
  • A HS friend’s band getting back together for a reunion show (two weeks).
  • My close girlfriend’s birthday party night at a comedy club (this weekend).

But, for now I’m just fresh out of something to say…. if you have suggestions, let me know — I think Andy has a post brewing about killing dogs on TV or something, so he’ll be entertaining on that cheery subject.  I suppose I could write a corresponding post about animal rights or something — but, that’s a teaching topic for next week….

It isn’t often that I’m like this — and when I am, I wonder if this is how really stupid people feel all the time?  Of course, none of you are really stupid — so  you can’t answer that one…

Oh well, I should get back to my administrivia — while I’m not thinking too hard.


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