A good team…

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised at how Andy and I are a good team..

Sure, we’re good at traveling together (see all the previous posts on our vacation) — and I’m a pretty decent photographer’s assistant — but you wouldn’t generally think a philosophy Ph.D. and a dude with a doctorate in the school of hard knocks would make such a good team.

Last night we decided some sunset and night photos of our fair city would be kinda cool, and a new challenge for a developing photographer.  So — we set out on a typical Patty-Andy adventure — we had a general idea of what we wanted, a pretty but kind of chilly day, and the optimism to believe we’d get what we wanted… and we did.

Along the way we had good food from a yummy urban deli — and great coffee at Andy’s favorite coffee shop (shhh, don’t tell the folks at “our” ‘boo).  We laughed, collaborated on shots and had an occasional rant.

As you can see from the Picasa album, the result are some beautiful photos!! Tonight was a “super moon”, which means the moon is closer tonight to the Earth than it has been for 19 years.  Tonight is cloudy, but as you saw here, last night wasn’t… and we got some good snaps..

I dropped Andy off in the late, late evening and headed home — he got busy downloading, editing and adjusting the photos.  As you can see, he did a fantastic job for a newbie :).

Tonight I decided to clean-up the Picasa album.  I think I did a pretty good job at getting things organized — I inserted captions that reflect the album the photo originally was in — and thus described where the photo was taken.  I also consolidated some albums, made a couple of new ones and generally cleaned the place up a bit.

As I was doing that, Andy was modifying photos for the Tony Ortiz folder — which I promptly organized…

I knew I had some organizational skills, but I’m surprising even myself.  I’m lucky to have beautiful photos to look at and work with — and I suspect that Andy’s lucky to have me organize them in a way that will be useful far into the future.

So, if Andy’s the EFG — I suppose I’m the EOG (evil organizing genius) — in addition to being the Evil Facebook Genius… yep, we’re a good team — we may not always accomplish our goals, but we’ll never be hungry trying!


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