Media Experiment

So as many of you know, Patty and I decided to take a break from movies, television, advertisement and especially news.

Our break was March 4th-11th. I have been back now for more than a week and I feel I have enough compare and contrast time to make some final comments.

I think we sometimes forget that life is full of choices. The tv is just on in the background, ads flash up on our email and favorite websites and everywhere we look are more ads and constant news. I can remember a time when we got ours news at 6pm and that was it for the day.

Since returning to school I feel happily busy. Kids, homework, classes, photography and at least the remote possibility of something like a relationship with a woman who can stand my busy life. For now, this is all I can handle. Attempting to take on more in my life would only result in stress. Let’s assume for now stress is a bad thing.

I care about other people, other cultures and the general state of the planet I live on. But the sad fact is, there is not much I can do about the things that seem to be going wrong. I also think things have always gone wrong, we just didn’t have to hear about it 24/7. I am not rich, but I do what I can when other folks are in need. I could always do more, and I try to be humble and mindful about the community and it’s needs.

To be fair, the news of old probably usually had a bit of a liberal twist. But the liberal, conservative and more importantly alarmist twist these days, in my opinion, cancels the idea of information and crosses over into the territory of masochistic entertainment. Mostly because we as a society, cant get enough and that’s where the purveyors of the crap we don’t need in our life anyway spend the big advertising dollars.

Hollywood is no better. Movies like Saw, The Hills Have Eyes (remake) and the newer version of Texas chainsaw Massacre are just one graphic and disturbing act of violence after another perpetrated without any thought to movie craft or even plot.

Radio is choked with ads……….and how many times do you really want to hear that old Doobie Brothers song after the first million times?  Public radio is a tad better, but you have to listen to them whine about funding and there is still a twist, even if I agree with it most of the time.

Advertising in my opinion is like hungry buzzards circling over a few dying consumer dollars………….just waiting for an ambulance to chase……………gold to be purchased……… cases of Mesothelioma……….promises to make your life better if only if.

So after a full week free of advertising and another week back to normal, I have decided to CHOOSE less media. Way less media. I am calmer, more focused and happier to work on the issues in my life.


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  1. I’m the choir, but LOVE what you preach. My life is better without the blabbity-blab-blab of TV and radio and internet and magazines. Quiet makes me more thoughtful and original.

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