Silence is good…

I’m learning to be good with silence.

A week after our media vacation, I’m finding myself not needing aural input nearly as much as before I left.

I still listen to music quite often in the car and office and I listen to the radio as I go to sleep at night, but I’m finding myself in a quiet apartment more and more often.

The ads on commercial radio and TV seem to be more intrusive on my thoughts now than before we left — so, when I watch TV, I tend to watch things on the DVR so I can fast forward the commercials.

The result is that I’m more introspective and better at listening to the voice in my own head…. voice, notice — not voices telling me to do silly things :).

I’m also finding myself being more creative in my teaching and conference duties — which is something I really enjoy.  Also, I’m not bored nearly as easily as I was a year or so ago and not nearly as antsy or agitated.  Some of that may be due to my concerted efforts at being better with unstructured time — (Andy’s good at helping me with that one) — but generally I’m finding myself more calm and centered.

Oddly enough, that was my New Year’s goal — to be more calm and centered.

Also, as I noted on my Philosophy Blog we don’t have an agreement with animals that entails they don’t eat us — so, being able to hear the mountain lion circle my house is a good thing.


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  1. Hehehe..I like your cartoon. It made me smile at the end of an incredibly stressful day where I had to experience far too much background noise that was really unwanted and unnecessary. Thank you.

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