Naturally Curly

I would love to have Meg’s hair… my haircut is kinda close to this… but, I’m no Meg….

I recently read a blog post (I can’t find… sorry, if you wrote it leave me a link please!!), about two women who promised one another as teens they’d never leave the house with curly hair…  They tormented their hair, in active denial of their natural curls.

I understand the feeling, ladies.  I’m 42 — which means I suffered the following trend as a teen…


Folks, that hair wasn’t happening for me.  In order to do that you need to start with straight hair and have an hour or so to spend with a curling iron.  My hair ends up being more like this when it gets long…

Alice of the triangle hair….  it goes out not down…
Then, in my 20s this was all the rage….

The dreaded “Friends” haircut… Again, physically impossible with my hair and my lack of hairstyling skills.

I recently (yesterday) got my hair colored.  The stylist took plenty of time to dry it with a round brush — pulling all the curls out.

I had an epiphany… (for debate folks, I looked like Gina from William Jewel) — and, while I love my straight haired blond pal from MO — I didn’t like having her hairstyle on MY head.

I got in the car and messed it up a bit… but it was still pretty straight.  I spent the afternoon and evening with Andy, trying to mess it up more… and still the hairstylist’s vision of me in straight hair persisted.

This morning I finally washed it — and now I feel more like myself!

Maybe it’s just because I’m 42 — but, I’ve finally decided that I love my curls and I’m not going to fight them anymore.  So — bring on the short, blond curly hair — it’s me and it’s gonna stay!


2 Responses

  1. Oh I lusted after curls–and now with all the texturizers and stuff to make the curls look good–but alas, wavy I am and I’m not about to mess with it either.
    Why do we always want what we don’t have?

  2. We all want to be Meg, don’t we? I suppose it’s just the media doing it to us again…

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