Root Vegetable Stew


We realized today that we haven’t cooked and blogged about it for a while — and, since winter is nearly over (knock on wood), we figured we should make a root veggie stew.

We started with 2.6 lbs of rump roast, cut into about 1 inch chunks.

Seasoned it with lots of salt, pepper and (an EFG staple) garlic — a “metric shit ton” of garlic…  We browned it up in about 2 TBS of vegetable oil and mostly olive oil.

Then a huge onion, chopped up… went in the pot and we browned the meat for a while…

2 heaping TBS of flour — cooked for at least a couple of minutes to start the roux.

Add a healthy splash of red wine and 1 large container of beef stock and, of course, more garlic.. Bring to a boil so the liquid thickens, then add most if not all of another large container of beef stock.

Now — let it cook on low for at least a couple of hours — go take a nap… that’s what we did… We strongly favor recipes that include naps…

After your nap –Dice up a potato, several carrots, a rutabaga and a parsnip.

Add them to the pot — simmer for another hour or so — until the veggies are tender.

Eat and enjoy with a big hunk of bread…



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