A Photo that makes me happy…

This one makes me happy because Summer is almost here….

One of my favorite things about our apartment is the deck.  This is a photo of my feet on the deck, probably last August or so…

The deck faces mostly east — so, by afternoon it’s shady.  Most days it’s kind of breezy too, so I can be out there unless it’s ungodly hot — and in Minnesota it’s rarely hot enough to drive me inside.

Right in front of me is my container garden.  I decided last year to only have two big pots of plants — that way I could water them with one trip outside with the watering can.

I grew a combination of basil and catnip in one — and flowers in the other.  A bit of whimsy and a bit of useful — the cats especially enjoy the catnip.

I’m sitting in one of my comfortable deck chairs — and there’s probably a tall glass of iced tea on the table you can’t see.  I’m probably checking facebook or (pretty likely) texting with Andy out there.. I also do a lot of on-line course development on the deck.  It’s a good place to read, relax and work.

I had a CD/ipod player out there most of the summer, so my ipod was more than likely playing a mix of my favorite tunes as I watched the neighbors come and go.  There is a bird’s nest under the upstairs neighbors’ deck, so I probably had some bird company as well.

Immediately below my deck is the apartment parking lot and a wet spot we call the “plough” — a combination of the words pond and slough.  To the right is an abandoned golf course, which has now gone wild.  The high grass is home to a number of creatures including fox, possum, squirrels, water foul and deer.

Early spring around these parts is kinda rough going weather wise… we’ll get snow at unpredictable times, then mud and brown crap all over the place when the snow melts (if it ever melts this year).  As late as May we’ll have those lovely piles of black dirty ice/snow that persist in corners of parking lots — kind of as a reminder that winter is never far away.

I love summer in Minnesota — it’s green, glorious and fleeting.  This photo reminds me of summer, thus I had to share it on an early spring day.


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  1. My husband has a similar photo on his cell phone screen–it’s of his feet while he’s poolside. It keeps him going when the weather gets him down;)

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