City of Orono

This is where I went to High School. Despite being a bit of a clown and a malcontent, I suppose it was an ok place to go. I was more or less safe and there was at least one interesting field trip.  I had some unique challenges to my social life having a family member being on the staff, but over all I wont complain.

The City of Orono does not pass the leftyconcarne litmus test.

After the big concert the other night I went to a restaurant and found a copy of the local paper. On the front page was a story about the city taking a family to court for installing a small and quiet wind generator in their yard.

He had applied for a permit and was denied for inexplicable reasons. He built it anyway and is now in hot water heated by green energy.

The last big story out of Orono was the neighbors all up in arms over the purposed building of a treatment facility for folks with eating disorders. I guess the residents are afraid of 70lb girls?

There may come a day when you rich gravy sucking wankers may want to be known for something other then exclusive real estate…………….like culture and common decency.

Back to my school:

Congratulations Orono Mens Basketball…………….State Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses

  1. It was an ok place to go — and an even better place to graduate FROM… and the field trip was interesting as well…

  2. And it’s not every school that has a vice principal driving a hearse to school…

  3. Boo for Orono… a hearse? Sounds a bit odd… hope the vice principal wasn’t naughty.

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