JT’s burgers


We forgot to take actual photos of our food.. so I found this on the internets… it’s a California burger and onion rings…

I lived in West St. Paul for a long time and missed JT’s… sad, really sad…

As you’ve probably figured out, Andy and I like to eat… and today we went to JT’s… on Robert Street in West St. Paul...

Here’s Andy on the way in… a JT’S burger virgin…

We ordered bacon cheeseburgers and cheese curds, plus a soda to share.

The burgers were perfect, everything White Castle aspires to.

JT’s does steamed burgers.  The burger was flavorful, soft and just squishy and greasy enough that it slid down just right.  The bun stuck to our teeth just enough to make you know you had a good slider — but not enough to be gross.

JT’s has upgraded their “service” since I first heard about them — the neighborhood lore was that they just plopped the burger onto a napkin and handed it to you without a tray or basket of any kind.

The other menu items were intriguing — including a basket that included a burger, egg roll and french fries.  Another basket was a burger, coney dog and fries.  The family pack was 13 burgers, 7 fries and 7 small drinks for $30.  You could also get half that for $15.  Being able to reasonably feed a family of 7 for $30 explains why the tiny place was full of families.

In fact, it was so full that Andy and I had a car picnic… we’re flexible that way.

We give it a collective, four thumbs up…


You can decide for yourself which two thumbs belong to Andy and which belong to me… suffice it to say, we’ll go back whenever we’re in the old ‘hood.


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