I’m disappointed with reality television.   Especially “Survivor”.

At one point I thought you needed to be a creative and talented person to work in T.V.?

At least clever?

But Geoffery Pubst (if that is his real name) makes a show about as “survivor” as a shit-sandwich.

Is it just me or is the show really about highlighting our differences?  Old vs. young? Smart vs. pretty?  Black vs. white?

Maybe it’s a show about the importance of the ability to be a political scheming sneak?

So here’s my version of Survivor.   Twenty people with varying levels of skill and accomplishment in life are dropped off on a Indonesian atoll where they are outnumbered six to one by hungry, seven foot Water Monitors with noting but a pointed stick.

Now that’s entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!



2 Responses

  1. I think they need to do northern MN — a couple of alternatives…..

    1) the traditional, very little to eat or wear, only in Lake County…

    2) Cabin-fever, where they’re snowed in and earn their way out.. .the last one left there is the loser…

  2. […] Unlike Survivor… […]

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