Deadliest Catch…

…is real reality TV.  People work, fight and die once in a while…

Unlike Survivor

I wonder why we love that show…

We seem to really be attached to the crews — we cried when Phil Harris died.  We got outraged when one of them is an ass to another etc…

I think there’s something appealing about the honesty of their work.  Most of us do abstract work, pushing TPS reports around and not actually accomplishing anything.  Watching the guys of the Deadliest Catch both makes us glad we aren’t doing that job, and yearn for something more concrete.

A bit of brilliance from Dilbert was when Wally realized that the amount of work he does has no relationship to his compensation.  This is how most of us feel.  We can go around twiddling our thumbs and get the same paycheck.

That’s not how it is on the Deadliest Catch.  The amount of work they do results in a bigger or smaller paycheck.  Add to that the drama of whether or not they’ll land on the crab… and you have some magical TV..

And… Sig’s still a hottie…


One Response

  1. D loves that show too–and Axe Men (which I prefer to Deadliest Catch). Very gritty stuff.

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