Look Mom my ass is on the internet!!!!!!!

So there it is!

Generally I don’t care for the Favre like naughty texties and blog posts, but being a person who has lost a lot of weight, I am a bit curious.   So ladies (and select dudes I suppose)………..1-10………..hows my bum?

But Seriously folks……….

I would like to try my hand at some product reviewing. As some of you know, I’m a self proclaimed bad capitalist.  I neither have money nor particularly care if other folks do or not.  Having said that, it’s cold this time of year and most of you would probably agree…I should wear pants.

I dragged poor Patty with me all over looking. I found several pair of Levi 527’s that I looked good in, and I was pleased I’m down another size, but I’m just not spending fifty bones on a pair or britches.

I’m not a carpenter, I do not care to display my boxers like a gangsta, don’t need relaxed fit and fancy pockets? I think no.

I finally found myself at the America Eagle store.    Wow, hadn’t been in there for 20 years.

The salesman was very helpful, I was able to squeeze into size 31 boot cuts and the denim, zippers and button seem heavier and much higher quality then other brands     $40.00 each and I’m a happy camper!!!

A word of warning though……..I’m a size 31 waist like I’m the king of Siam………..so make sure you try them on rather then relying on the size-vodoo.    Otherwise, I’m pretty danged happy!


Good Luck!!!!!



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  1. Missing it seems. Where did it go?

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