Fake Army… really?

banner_military.gif (709×516)

Folks… if your unit is full of cartoon characters, it’s probably a fake army…

Some dude in California started his own army…. seriously…

He charged Chines nationals money to join his army… a few hundred dollars to join and less to stay in.  More money got you promoted.  He called himself the Supreme Commander.  His recruits had US Army surplus uniforms, learned basic military maneuvers and had ID cards.

Wow — I never thought of doing this… maybe because I didn’t think people would PAY to join the Army.  Didn’t they know that they should be getting paid?  This fake army did local events and once in a while a member would get in trouble and try to use their “military ID” to get out of it… which is how he got busted.

It’s actually kind of sad — the reason people joined was because they thought it was a path to citizenship.  If our immigration system is so screwed up that honest folks have to join a fake army to become citizens, we really ought to think it over …


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