The Photographer who used to sleep in……….

Rule number one in photography……..take pictures.

Ive hear tell the best light is around dawn, so I attended my Thursday night class until 7:30, then I got about 4 hours of sleep before my p.i.c. and I headed for Duluth at 2 am.

The coffee and good conversation were flowing and the journey was smooth.

About 5 am there was a wolf standing on the highway 61, and Patty executed evasive maneuver code name: Hazard County and our friend  lives to howl another day.

Conditions on the shore were hmmmm  rugged. It’s difficult to operate a camera in 40mph wind, but I did my best.

Then it was off to home base to get the rest of our nights sleep.

More cool waves, and craggy spring waterfalls.   I chased a Bald Eagle around for a bit but he wasn’t about to be caught on camera………at least not with my glass.

Tonight dinner at Sven and Ole and relaxing with pals.

Can someone please explain Putt Putt to me?     You live in a beautiful area…….gorgeous nature. So you build silly miniature fake nature and knock a ball around with a stick.   When the Aliens take over they are gonna have a giggle at us.


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  1. […] coffee shop in Grand Marais.  We started talking to the barista about our crazy trip north and the photos we took.. When we told her we were staying in Isabella, she asked if we knew Jim — the neurology nurse […]

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