We finally got a picture of a moose!!!!!

After two fairly ferocious weather days we finally got a pretty day for pictures. So when I rolled out of bed at the crack of noon, we hit the road.

We are currently having supper and charging camera batteries.  We are at the Grateful Dead approved Gunflint Tavern.

We have purchased exactly one hour of internet time so I’m trading the laptop for the green chili enchilada and Patty can tell you her story.    Scoooooooooooot………..

As Andy was snapping beautiful pics at Cascade, I decided it would be a great day to sit on a rock wall and look at the lake… Not thinking, I put my new baby camera in my pocket… When I went to stand up, I herd a soul-crushing crash below me…  My baby camera was in the rocks… and just not in the rocks but down a tiny crack only a baby camera could fit into.

I cursed, I cried, then I yelled for Andy.  At first he couldn’t even spot her — she was in a space under some rocks.

After a valiant attempt with several sticks– and by wedging his body down into the rocks, (after exacting a promise that I wouldn’t leave him to chew his own arm off ala 127 hours) — some kind folks came by with bungie cords and Andy was able to fish out my baby camera by her wrist strap.

She lost her battery in the accident, so I don’t know for sure if she works — and she has a few battle scars, but thanks to my BFF, she’s safely in the car…


2 Responses

  1. Sorry friends…. I showed the moose picture to my son who quickly announced that it wasn’t a moose but a caribo. I think he is right. Glad yougot your camera back patty. What a nice friend you have to go wedge his body in rocksto get it.

  2. I agree.. He’s the best… Before he went down there he made me promise to call 911 so he wouldn’t have to chew his own arm off…

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