This is a photo from the weekend…

It was a weekend of meeting really fun, cool, eclectic people– and having good conversations.

We spent a good part of Friday night and Saturday night at the only place open in Isabella — On Friday it was quiet.. just us, the only employee and a few local folks.  The employee is a good friend of mine and it turned out that we had a lot in common with the local folks — all of whom know my mom :).

Saturday a local girl was turning 21 — and boy did she.  Her family brought a ton of food, the whole community showed up and she did shots with both of her grandmothers… Isabella’s that kinda place, where you drink with your grandparents.

Andy and I found that we are kinda good at Karaoke — well, Andy’s good at it and I’m a great go go girl.  Later in the evening, the women in the group sang a few girl power songs like “You’re so Vain”… and a good time was had all around.

At one point, one of the birthday girl’s “city”” (i.e. Duluth) friends called and asked if she needed to be concerned about being bitten by a deer… ummm… yea…

On the way home we picked up a couple of dudes who had left the festivities on foot — it was snowy and cold and they were planning to walk a couple of miles home.  Ummmmm, no.  We took them to their cabin, stayed a while and had some more good talk by the fire.

Sunday we made our way to Grand Marais — and found ourselves at the Gunflint Tavern — we needed a battery charge and some food — and I met Ramona and Dan.  Ramona and Dan are BFFs… so they get the Patty / Andy BFFness…

Ramona is someone who says she can find something to love in everyone.  We had a short, intense conversation in which I learned that Dan’s sister probably took an Ethics class from me —

As we talked, I found out that Ramona has a whole tribe of people who hang out and are unconventional… just like Andy and I.  She gave me her phone number, informed me that I’m now part of her tribe and told me that if we’re in the area on Monday nights we’re invited to her house for poetry readings…. you bet we’ll go!

Finding your tribe is important — really important, and I’m thinking that I’ve found mine.  They’re quirky, funny, opinionated and genuine.  They look out for one another and keep one another in line.  Most important, they’re a community of people you can count on to help you, support you and love you regardless of your income, looks or profession.

I’m back in the cities now — but, I’m feeling like I’ve left my home for my “real” life — and that I need to get back there.


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