Easter Memory…

This post was inspired by one of my bloggy friends… Seeking Solace..

One of my favorite Easter memories involves vomit…

One Easter my mom and aunt thought it would be a good idea to have Easter at the Grandparents’ in Slater, Ia.  I was probably 6, my sister and cousin would have been 3 — the only reason I think this is because I don’t remember my cousin’s younger sibling being there — but, he could have been an infant…

So, we drive from Minnesota to Slater, have the usual dinner and candy extravaganza — and then drive home in the afternoon….

My mom drove a blue Volvo — my sister, cousin and I fit in the back seat.

About the Minnesota / Iowa border (so, maybe 2ish hours from home) — the first of us blew chunks (it was either Pam or Em..) — technicolor chunks of chocolate, ham, peeps and jellybeans and the ubiquitous rock candy my grandparents always had for us… all over the back seat of the Volvo.

As we passed Buck Hill (for those of you not from MN, you should know that Buck Hill is a ski area in the south part of the Twin Cities metro — and our signal that we were almost HOME)…. the other young one blew her chunks… again in the back seat…

Given my propensity for vomit — I’m still impressed that I held it in until we hit the driveway — I remember running up the sidewalk and actually making to the bathroom… and being very proud that I didn’t puke in the car.

The Volvo was never the same —

Happy Easter!


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