School updates..

I actually CAN use the projector…. barely…

First — I have to note that when I googled “image college professor”, it took me 11 pages to see a female face…. 11 folks…. apparently women aren’t college professors on the internet.

My real purpose is to give an update on the semester…

Andy’s having a great semester, getting good grades and taking amazing photos.  His professors seem to love him…

I’m now done with the Conference I was organizing.  That’s lovely, as I’m now free of little details and lots of e-mail to answer.

My courses are nearly done — which is good and I’m actually caught up for the moment… that will change soon enough. In some ways I’m behind, as I need to get my summer syllabi done and copied… sigh…. it’s 40 degrees and raining out there and I’m behind because the copy center doesn’t have the copies yet.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the curriculum committee — which should be interesting — I’m going to discuss several possible courses with them… that I’d develop on sabbatical.  YEA!!!!!


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  1. Eleven pages…yeah, sure we’re no longer in need of the ERA!!!

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