Philosophy is not in the top 20..

… most useless college majors.. I’m not sure how that happened.

Jobs for philosophers are notoriously difficult to get… and impossible to get as an undergrad.  Really, to be employable as a philosopher you need a Ph.D.

Philosophy majors do learn useful skills — the ability to read carefully, write and make an argument.  Perhaps that’s enough…

Maybe it’s because many philosophy majors go to law school?

Actually being a philosopher involves sitting around thinking, reading and writing articles nobody (including your own mother) will read… I’m not sure how that is more useful than majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology or Chemistry (#7 & 8) — or Photography (#14) or Psychology (#18)?  All of those majors result in useful skills and actual career paths…

hmmmm…. makes me wonder about the validity of the study.


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  1. I have 2 former students who majored in philosophy. One runs a day care with his wife. The other pumps gas and writes incredibly offensive editorials online and to our local paper. Hm.

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