We’re probably too old…

… to sleep all day and stay up all night… but, that’s just what we did…

Yesterday we did manage to make it all the way to Finland for Pizza… which was uber-yummy.  Andy made a new feline friend… and we gave the dudes at the bar crap for missing the royal wedding :).

I’d like to say we stayed up all night taking star photos, but the clouds were in the way… So instead we had way too much fun listening to the fipod to go to sleep last night… so, we didn’t.  Eventually, like tomorrow — we’ll have to stop being so nocturnal — but for today, we’ll pretend we’re 19… except we need to sleep all day to make up for it.


All I have to say to Andy is that I’m glad you’re my BFF… There’s nobody I’d rather stay up all night being silly with than you, dude!


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