An eye for an eye………….and a head

As a guy, even a pacifist one, you have to be impressed with the Navy Seals. These folks eat dynamite and barbed wire for breakfast. They are BAD ASS. Not only with the latest mission but also with the recent half mile head shot on the hostage taking pirate. From one moving ship to another.

Osama Bin Laden was an evil man. While he was preaching his backward style of extreme Islam, he was sucking up luxury and western convenience. He deserved to die and I’m glad he is dead.

I think the military and administration handled it perfectly. He is done and he is gone with as little disrespect to the Muslim world as possible. They were careful not to create any kind of martyrs shrine.

My concern is our own reaction. Children laughing and celebrating on the cover of the papers. A drunken festival outside the White House. Comedians like John Stewart and Stephen Colbert (whom I really like) making course and vulgar remarks. How does one celebrate a killing any way?

Were all allowed our own opinions……………….I’m just a little confused about how to feel joyous about a human being having his head blown off.

Anywho……………as Pat Travers said “boom boom…………..out go the lights”.


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