Stop offering me a damn card!!!!!

From the time you are about four, you realize that fairs and carnivals offer you tickets to things so you don’t immediately realize your paying $4.50 for a twenty second ride on a crap ass roller coaster.

Casinos give you chips so you don’t associate the money you just put on the blackjack table is next weeks daycare money.

So if you have participated in capitalism recently you probably know you are offered a discount card everywhere from the gas station to the pharmacy to the coffee shop.

I have already evaluated my decision to purchase. Either I like the price and the situation or I don’t buy my sneech-gear there.

Offer me the best price from the get go please?   No trickery………….no veiled attempt to get my personal information (and then subsequently get it stolen by a hacker and be awful sorry)!!!!!!    My private info is for sale…………$699.95 and it’s all yours.

Since our economy sucks, the lady behind the counter should be long retired and zipping around the golf community in Scottsdale, but instead she is part of the under staffed and under trained workforce trying desperately to enter your “customer care” information in less than 45 minutes.

At Safeway in Estes Colorado, I declined the offer for my customer card being that we don’t have that chain where I live. Until she told me there difference was almost $17.00.   But here’s the extent of my business knowledge…….Safeway is not in it to loose money. So how about just give me the discount at the price tag and send me on my way?

I’m going to design new jeans with enormous back pockets so we can all carry our schwag cards around more comfortably!!!!!!!!


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