Look what I almost stepped in.

On Saturday, I went on one of my wild and crazy Craigslist adventures. The idea was I need a back up camera for my photography. There are two reasons:  Star photography takes about twenty minutes to shoot and another twenty minutes to process if you use all of the digital noise reduction options. So the second body can be taking a second picture while the first is processing.      Second, battery life is a major issue. I have taken precautions, but you still seem to run out of juice at the most important times.

I found a fellow photographer with a used camera at a price I was comfortable with.  There was also a battery grip and four batteries with charger included.

It’s important to note, I’m kind of addicted to getting good deals on Craigslist and I’m definitely addicted to getting new lenses (glass) to shoot with.

So I met with this fellow and he seemed to know a great deal about photography. I was pretty well stumped as this older model is much more complicated than my model is. I tried to take a few snaps, but he was quick to turn the mode dial and show me the features he wanted me to see.

The bid on the table was fair for both parties considering a working camera.   I asked him one last time, “Everything works right?”    He said yes, and I paid him.

I did not have time to monkey with it when I got home as we were celebrating Mothers day, but when I got home later, I quickly got the sickening feeling that all was not right with my new purchase.      A trip to the camera store the next morning confirmed it, there was a major issue, making the camera an expensive  brick.

I sent this fellow a few emails, and of course he didn’t respond………….he basically pawned this turd off on me and made for the hills.

When I get screwed, I don’t want to think about anymore, so I made a marginal sideways deal with Canon and a replacement is in the mail, mostly at my expense. I could sell the batteries, and the grip and the dead body gets traded back to Canon.

A lot crosses your mind about getting even with someone who intentionally screws you over………….Ive learned over time to just leave it be after a few choice curse words.

Part II

So too my surprise, there was good interest in the left over parts for $60.00. One man offered to pick it up immediately, another asked if I could accept $50.00 for an unemployed family. I decided to go for the $50.00.

When I met him this morning I asked him how long he had been unemployed, a few questions about his family……….

He was a talker…………maybe he hadn’t been out of the house much?

So I told him this is what was going to happen      “It’s a long story” I said ” but as it happens I need good Karma today worse than I need fifty bucks………….so you can take this money back to your wife and have these”

It was the best way I could think of getting the shit off my hands from the previous crappy deal

And Patty doesn’t have cancer


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