Three years ago next Monday, Hubby felt a lump on my left side… by the end of the week I’d had a mammogram, and ultrasound, a biopsy, an initial cancer diagnosis and a meeting with the surgeon who would do my lumpectomy and eventually my mastectomy.  It’s been a long, strange trip with breast cancer and I know it’s been a major influence on how I see life…

I had an oncology check up today… it was one of the scary ones — you know them because they are preceded by a PET scan… That’s when the scary machine looks inside your body to see if your cells are being naughty.

Andy came with me this time — I found that telling people was the worst part of having cancer — maybe even worse than being bald from chemo — and I didn’t want to have to tell Andy, so I made him come in case it was bad news…

But the news was good — and Andy got to meet the wonderful Dr. W.  Dr. W has been my advocate for nearly three years —  He’s been my primary medical advisor (yea, I have a primary care physician, but I check everything with Dr. W as well) — and he’s been my friend.  The day before my dissertation defense last year I had a check up… he gave me a hug and told me to knock ’em dead… and he cheered when I came back next time with my diploma.

Over lunch Andy had a variety of  good questions about chemo — (if the news was bad, I’d be doing more chemo… and we’d have similar haircuts…).  Between Andy to cook me bland food and Dr. W to guide my medical care, cancer isn’t nearly as scary a prospect for me as it was about three years ago next week…

If I learned anything from the first go round, it’s that a good team is everything — and, if Dr. W’s magic potions don’t work, Andy and I do have the death pact… and a BFF with an eye for Karma… I think it’s gonna be ok.


2 Responses

  1. My dad has been through that numerous times. He is an 8 time survivor. You have always been strong, you just know it more so now. I agree, a BFF is the best medicine. You are amazing!

  2. i think I registered on the blog and all before, but I can’t remember. Anyway, I just want you to know that I found this moving, Patty.

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