The Angry Neighbor….

My mother has fallen victim to our dogs’ jedi-human tricks. As such, she feels compelled to let them in and out 37 times per day.

There is a small problem, on the other side of the fence lives a particularly aggressive Rottweiler and matching owner.  The Owner and his crabby wife are normally home from work at 5pm. Though it is best to check if the Rottweiler is out, mom didn’t expect him to be out at 4:30 and let our poo’s out without checking.

Our dogs play well with others and while excitable, are generally friendly.    However, they have learned the Rotty is looking for a fight.

So I heard the ensuing fuss outside and ran to get our dogs back in the house.  The Crabby neighbor dude launched into a tirade and was swearing and bitching at my mom.

“Vet bills cuss cuss-ridiculous f’nheimer cuss cuss…………..cant believe it swear swear”   To which my mother responded “I’m sorry it’s my fault, I didn’t check”.   Louder cuss cuss swear swear……………my mom apologized again.

Cuss Cuss fnheimer F   FF    FFFFFFbomb

At this point I had my dogs under control but unfortunately had had enough of his swearing at my 67 year old mother.     I simply had enough………….So I said “that’s enough”

He clearly did not think it was enough and he started in again……………..

I took several very quick steps towards him which further upset my mom and in the back of my mind reminded myself how I’ve never been able to get properly comfortable in the back of a squad car, so I stopped.

He went on for another 5 minutes, we just went inside.

Does he not realize he has to live next to us for god knows how long?   Hmmmmmmmm

The picture above reminds me of my angry neighbor except my neighbor had a pretty camouflage hat.


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