Life with a photographer…

This is Andy taking sunset photos near home… I like the photo because it reminds me of all the fun we’ve had so far taking snaps..

Hanging out with a photographer like Andy is always interesting.  I’m as likely to hear, “let’s get up at 2 am to see the sunrise over Lake Superior” as, “put the car in stealth mode so we can get these star shots”.

What I can’t seem to keep track of are the gear changes… “glass” as Andy puts it, is complex and kind of counter-intuitive for this philosophy chick… sometimes numbers being bigger means the thing is bigger, other times it means it’s smaller… or faster … or something.

What’s fun for me is the fact that photography gets us to some pretty places at pretty times — I have a serious travel bug, and I’ll pretty much go anyplace, anytime. For me, the fun is in getting there, in good company — and Andy’s fantastic company, especially on the road.

I have a pocket camera, which takes pretty good snaps… and I may learn to use Andy’s back up camera — just in case I feel the need to expand beyond a camera that can fit in my pocket.

Among my skills as photographer’s companion are, spotting deer, pulling over quickly, setting up a tripod and checking to be sure we don’t leave any chargers behind.  I think I’d be photographer companion of the millennium if I were also able to attract eagles…  as it is, Andy has to settle for being good at spotting coffee shops and occasionally finding us someplace pretty go go.


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