Product review: Tamron 70-200 2.8 Canon mount.

You will notice this is not a review of the technical aspects of this lens. Frankly, I wouldn’t know anything about the specifics, I just know what works for me and what doesn’t.

This one does not.

I’ve tested this lens over two days taking maybe 50 shots in medium light, hand held and about 48 of them were out of focus.

The reason you pay extra money for a larger aperture (2.8) is to be able to hand hold in uncertain light conditions and for moving objects. This Lens does neither. I have had the Canon 70-200 and took amazing shots,  in dawn light at F4.    I guess that’s why Canon commands ridiculous prices.

I like Tamron and have had great results with other lenses.    We all have to try things out and see what works.

I always research my big purchases, and from my own experience and the opinions of others, what your getting with this product is a very large, very heavy portrait lens.     Everyone says it has superior optics. I can believe that.    I’m sure the Hubble telescope has has some pretty nifty glass but they couldn’t focus that for years either.

Go out and take those snaps!!!!!!!!!


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