Midnight Ramblers

Recently I have taken about 2500 pictures and some are better than other but I have never made the most basic mistake of all………..more on that later.

A picture like this one takes a long while because the exposure is about 25 minutes and then the camera takes equally as long to process it with the various noise reducing programs. If you don’t take this step, the pictures will be very grainy.

So when Patty and I are “on assignment” we drive around in the middle of the night looking for ultra dark places with the right view of the sky.

I set up the tripod and Patty puts the car in stealth mode, meaning all of the inside and outside lights are off but the engine can run the heater and the Ipod.

Handy wonder scarf use number 196 is actually draping it over the clock and stereo lights so we can take the exposure in complete dark and relative comfort.

At the end of one particular long and tired day, Patty asked me “how do I know where to aim the camera”?  Half sarcastically I answered “Well it’s kind of hard to miss the sky”

Why do I ever even open my mouth?    I took the 20 minute exposure…………went to check it and no picture?

Lens Cap On…………..I missed the Sky


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