Sing it sister…

Crazy Aunt Pearl has it right about turning 40… for me, it was more like 41 0r 42 as the end of 39 and the beginning of 40 was breast cancer time…

In particular she says…

This morning on my walk I was thinking maybe all those people who say getting older has its benefits are right after all. Oprah says turning 40 is the best ever and all this time I suspected she was smoking a bowl or just rolling around naked in a pile of money every night. But now I see she was on to something. Perhaps this is the part of life where you decide once and for all to let your freak flag fly and you don’t give a damn because you just spent 40 years playing nice and being a good girl and now you’re done. DONE, I tell you.

It is so liberating! I even feel taller, people. Maybe later today I will take over a small country! I hope they have watermelon.

I’m finding that I’m less concerned about what I should  do and am more concerned about what I want to do.  It’s a good question — and one that’s not easy to answer.

I know I want to expand my horizons — use my talents and travel.  How that’s all going to happen is the suspense and excitement of the next few years.


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