YEA Andy!!!!!

good grades

…. for excellent grades this semester!!

Actually, his grades are good BECAUSE he can use photoshop!

As a returning student, Andy  had his share of challenges — mostly with the business office.  Once he convinced them that he didn’t live in Ely, things improved!!

Andy worked hard on his projects this semester –he took good photos and earned his great grades!

I’m really proud of him for putting his considerable talent and intellect to work in a field unrelated to his previous work and experience.  It’s clear to me that his professors and colleagues in his program think he’s fantastic!!  I also think he’s setting a great example for his kids and for the students in his classes.

So — two thumbs up for Andy!!  You’ve worked hard this semester and have earned a trip to the woods!!


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  1. […] Andy got great grades — and I was named at graduation by Century’s distinguished graduate as someone who had encouraged him to pursue philosophy… I’m terribly proud of the DG — he’s a brilliant, nice and compassionate person who will be a fantastic philosophy prof someday. […]

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