Decompression time…

Andy and I have both earned some decompression time in the woods..

Andy got great grades –– and I was named at graduation by Century’s distinguished graduate as someone who had encouraged him to pursue philosophy… I’m terribly proud of the DG — he’s a brilliant, nice and compassionate person who will be a fantastic philosophy prof someday.

I also managed to juggle being department chair, conference committee co-chair and teaching without losing all of my marbles….

When Andy and I decompress, we stay up way too late listening to music and solving the problems of the world.. During the day we take pictures and generally act goofy.  We’ll come back to our “normal” lives next week and next time we come north, we’ll have Max!!!

— but, for now — we’re having fun being ourselves… hanging in the woods that we love!  Blogging may be light, but rest assured that Andy and I are having a good time — because we always do!

Now, time to wake his snoring ass up… :).

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