I want my 20% pay raise…

I think  I deserve it..

According to MN state rep Kurt Zellers, faculty have received pay raises of 20 – 30%..

For goodness sakes — what really chaps my ass about the argument from the Republicans that academics are overpaid and the cause of all the state’s budget woes is that when salaries were high around the state, we were told that the security of a state job is the trade-off we receive for lower wages.

By comparison, a Ph.D. in my system makes in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $55,000 — a freaking Ph.D — getting a Ph.D. requires many, many years of school…. Imagine telling a lawyer during the “good” economy that they should settle for $55,000 / year?  I think not.

Now, when times are tight, we’re overpaid?  I think not.  Folks who took advantage of the boom times are now out of work — guess who gambled and lost — if Zellers has his way, academics will have taken the sacrifice in pay TWICE….

Even if I’d had a 20% pay raise (which I haven’t… no raise in the last contract and only a marginal raise in the last one) — I’d still be way behind other professionals with similar educational backgrounds.

Or, maybe the state of Minnesota has made a mistake in my last few years of paychecks — I’ll take my back pay please — I can wait a paycheck or two while you calculate it…

Andy, would you like to go to Europe this summer?  I’m expecting a big check!!!


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  1. Every day I read the paper in Florida and exclame WHAT CAN THEY BE THINKING. Won’t have to change my habits when I get home.

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