Decompression update

So far, so great!!

Yesterday Andy and I were talking and I kind of summed it up by saying “aren’t you glad my mom raised an adventuresome girl who isn’t afraid to get dirty?”.  We also agreed that we were lucky to be friends who both loved the woods and travel in general — because we’ve been with people who haven’t liked travel or the woods — and it’s difficult.

In no particular order of importance.. we’ve:

  • Taken some good pictures (me)
  • Taken some amazing photos — (Andy)
  • Hiked a long trail we thought we might have to spend the night on.
  • Hiked a much shorter trail (paved and %90 wheelchair accessible) –
  • Saw some waterfalls
  • took some photos
  • I ‘m learning to use Andy’s back-up camera
  • Listened to a lot of the fipod.
  • Eaten good, easy food — last night was mac and cheese with pepperjack added (Andy is the EFG after all).
  • Stayed up late.
  • Woke up early (yesterday), and late (all other days 🙂 ).
  • Took naps
  • Read Books
  • I found the PERFECT place to read a book… and I’m not tellin :).
  • Talked, talked, talked.
  • Were quiet
  • Talked about philosophy and God.
  • So far, no crashes (which is remarkable — and happy!!).

Really, what else is there, besides good friends, good food and pretty places to be?


2 Responses

  1. Yeah!!

  2. That’s what life is supposed to be all about! There’s a time and a place for fussiness. Then there’s the rest of the time.

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