Itchy Feet…

I’m itching to go back to Carhenge…

This travel thing, I realized is a family thing — my grandparents traveled extensively — driving to Alaska and all the national parks… Later in life they took several cruses and lived in both Iowa and Florida for quite a while.

My aunt has fantastic travel stories — and has been everywhere… Mom, Pam and I did our share of travel as well…

Along the way I’ve become somewhat of a travel ninja — I can work an airline and airport like a pro….. (Hubby and my debaters can attest to that — Andy has yet to see that talent in his photographer’s assistant) — I can read a map, drive in the mountains, find us someplace to stay and scope out the local good stuff with an uncanny accuracy… in short, I’m not only a good traveler (a huge compliment in my family), but I’m also a fun travel companion.

I get kind of restless when I’m in town for too long — and I’m someone who loves to go — wherever… I’ve been to all but 8 (I think) states.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico and Europe — I’d love to go to Asia and/or South America and I may end up teaching for a short term in Africa in a summer or two.

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